Temmie is a character from Underfell. Not much is known about them, compared to the other Underfell characters. They're a dog/cat, and they can force people to eat their tem flakes even though they taste bad.


Temmie is normally seen wearing a dark red business suit with a red tie and monocle. They have greyish-redish hair, but sometimes is seen with grey or dark red hair. They also has red or greyish-redish tint in the inside of her ears. Sometimes they're seen with a monocle over her eye. Their Tem Shop box is seen with a glass of wine and a juice box or a teacup. The letters are black instead of yellow and blue.


Temmie can be evil at times to get what they want, but they act nice to Frisk most of the time so they can get money. Temmie has already been to "colleg", unlike her Undertale counterpart (before she gets money for "colleg"). Temmie is rich (supposedly) and greedy. Temmie speaks in normal English, unlike Temmie in Undertale, who speaks with broken English when not serious.

There is a Temmie in the village who speaks broken English and his name is Bob


Bob - Temmie lives with Bob in Temmie Village, just like in Undertale. Bob speaks like a normal Temmie, having broken English when he is not serious, unlike Bob in Undertale who speaks in perfect English all the time.

Other Temmies - Temmie lives with the other Temmies in Temmie village, just like in Undertale.

Frisk - Temmie acts nice to Frisk just to get money from them.