The Royal Guards are the guardians of Hotland.


The Royal Guards have brutal armour coloured in the shade of deep bloody red.

Adorning fierce, brutal, and intimidating. Just like their original counterpart, each of them have spikes located near their waists. On their heads and near their backs, there is a mass of spikes.

On first sight they look very intimidating, but their fighting skills are not particularly impressive. They cannot aim their attacks very well, so they end up hitting each other or themselves.


The Royal Guards are very protective of Hotland and will unsuccessfully try and wipe out any human that attempts to pass the place that they were specifically told to guard, due to R1's Kindheartedness.

R1 is very merciful to monsters unlike R2. R1 tries to convince R2 To show mercy to the other monsters, but he declines and murders the monsters that R1 attempted to spare right in front of him every single time.


One of the Royal Guards is head over heels for the other but can't seem to have the courage to tell the other his feelings. At the end of the pacifist route, they get married to each other and adopt a human child.

Powers and Abilities

The Royal Guards are very powerful.

Like Toriel and King Asgore they can use fire attacks. They use dual attacks every turn, but there is a rare instance of R1 looking at the player in pity and refusing to attack.

They eventually shoot 50 of their favourite attacks across the screen similar to what Sans does with his Gaster Blasters


Hotland - Like in Undertale the Royal Guards will fight you in Hotland but in Underfell they will only spare you if you clean R2's armor and whisper to R1. If you whisper to R2 he will say "I can't wait to share your secret with everyone".