Moldsmal is encountered shortly after Whimsun, often directly after.


Moldsmal hates the player, attempting to kill them with exploding molds which are fiercey thrown at the hitbox. It will usually summon a circle of molds, which respawn after the first wave dies. It is a much slower version of Asgore's flaming ring attack.


Moldsmal appears to be a jagged, rough-cut piece of mold. Several splotches of mud and dirt can be seen on Moldsmal. It's animation moves much quicker, giving the appearance of hyperventilation.


Moldsmal can quickly throw a series of mold bombs from the sides of the screen, all aiming for the player.

Moldsmal will summon a ring of molds, which respawn over time. the player must dodge them like Asgore's flaming ring attack.

Moldsmal will drop up to 50 molds from the bottom of its body, dropping into the hitbox.


If the player does not Fight or Flee, they can Wiggle 5 times, to which Moldsmal believes you are a fellow Moldsmal and will lose the will to fight.

First encounter

Moldsmal is first encountered after pushing the Annoying Rock out of the way. It appears when the player is about to enter the next room.