Loox is encountered in later portions of the Ruins, and appears to bully the player when encountered.


Loox is extremely angry, and has been shown to suffer from anger issues. He enjoys tormenting other monsters and is easily angered by even the slightest insult.


Loox appears to be nearly the same as his Undertale counterpart, aside from the fact that the eye on the front appears to be cut, swollen, and clouded. Loox often has trouble seeing, and his attacks will often charge in opposite directions from the player. His feet appear to have jagged and spiked toenails, and the hands are longer and more boney.


Loox fights the player, thinking of them as their next victim. He will constantly insult and laugh at the player due to various reasons.


Loox charges a series of his counterparts attacks from different sides of the screen, varying in speed, they are difficult to dodge, dealing 3 damage upon contact with the bullets.