Greater Dog is a boss encountered in Snowdin. He enters a fight with Frisk and tries to bring their soul to Papyrus, the second in command of the Royal Guard.


Greater Dog's fur is yellow. He wears a suit of heavy black armor and can bodily fill it completely, unlike his Undertale counterpart. His expression is typically grim. There are no other dog faces found on his suit of armor as they have been replaced by black Xs.


Like most of the monsters, and especially the Royal Guard, Greater Dog does not believe in empathy or MERCY. When given an order by Papyrus or Undyne he is shown to care about nothing other than completing it, although he enjoys a thorough petting like the other "dogs".

In Battle


  • Its spear flies from the left of the screen to the right, flickering from blue to red at short intervals.
  • A three-headed Annoying Dog-like canine bounds around at the bottom of the screen and fires off the word "GROWL" towards the SOUL as soon as you move. If the protagonist stays completely still once the turn starts, the dog will continue to angrily jump around without directly lunging at the SOUL.


  • To spare Greater Dog, the protagonist must beckon/ignore, then pet, then play, and then pet four times,then spare it.

The Greater Dog fights Frisk so he can bring their soul to Papryus. He is as hard as Undyne the Undying from Undertale. If you spare him, Megalovania will play after the fight until the next room.


Undyne - Undyne is The Greater dog's boss, although he wants to be free of her.

Papyrus - Papyrus is the second in command of the Royal Guard that is also bossy to The Greater dog.

Lesser dog - Lesser dog is The Greater dog's only friend.

Frisk - The Greater dog tries to kill Frisk until the end of the fight.

Flowey - Flowey tries to spare the Greater dog because Frisk was able to spare Toriel